Google for Startups

Google for Startups (GFS) is an initiative of Google helping startups thrive in every corner of the world, whether they are building the next social media phenomenon or building rapid response systems in areas where they do not exist and are sorely needed.

Google for Startups offers startups across the globe access to the best tools, research and development support, web infrastructure, business support and community to help them focus on developing products that fit the markets they are creating for. More importantly, Google for Startups is committed to supporting communities and hubs that offer similar support to startups in their ecosystems. 

Partnering with Co-Creation Hub on the second edition of the Pitchdrive Tour is a furtherance of this vision. On this Asian edition of the Pitchdrive tour, with the help of Google for Startups, the PitchdriveII founders have been able to connect with hubs and technology communities across Asia, meet with potential investors and gained access to new markets and learnings that will help scale their businesses.

Google for Startups is proud to be partnering with the Pitchdrive Tour for the second time and will continue to offer the founders access to tools and information to help them grow their businesses long after the tour is over. 

Learn more about Google for Startups and how they are supporting the growth of startups across the globe.

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