Sterling Bank

In over 50 years of operations, Sterling Bank (formerly NAL Bank) has evolved from the nation’s pre-eminent investment banking institution to a fully-fledged commercial bank; and completed a merger with 4 other banks – Indo-Nigeria Merchant Bank, Magnum Trust Bank, NBM Bank and Trust Bank of Africa – as part of the 2006 consolidation of the Nigerian banking industry.

Asides banking solutions for individuals, Sterling Bank continues to develop initiatives to help businesses, especially small and medium scale businesses and startups, manage and grow their finances and access financial services to boost their businesses. 

Two of their featured products are Sterling OnePay and Sterling Cards. 

With Sterling OnePay, customers can enjoy a wide range of banking, informational and lifestyle services that allows seamless banking on both mobile and web devices.

Features & Benefits include: Self-Registration and Account Number Generation, Credit card requests, Lifestyle payments, Personalized themes, Smart Bank and phone number recognition, ATM & Branch locator and Card-less withdrawals.

You can access Sterling’s OnePay through our website on and download the App (iOS and Android). 

Sterling Cards come in both Mastercard and Visa variants. The Sterling Mastercards are made to cater to all your banking needs, from bills to cash transfers, while giving you access to various services 24/7.

The Sterling Visa Credit card is a Naira denominated Card designed to address customers’ needs for convenience and short-term loans. The bank assigns appropriate credit limit to cardholders after credit scoring.

Benefits include; Access to using the MasterCard and VisaCards wherever the logos are displayed, Safety & security of transactions due to Chip and PIN Technology, Exclusive access to discounts at certain merchant locations including experiential benefits for their MasterCard and; Easy way to track expenses, a 45 days interest-free period and access to a revolving credit line for their Visa Cards, amongst many more benefits.

Sterling Bank is proud to support and bring you the journeys of the PitchdriveII founders  as they tour the technology ecosystem in Asia and seek partnerships and funding opportunities to grow and scale their businesses.

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